Smart Technology

Smart technology

A key part of our technology is CygNet Pro a unique app. Develop for Cygnus and supported by the Cygnus supply chain.

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It provides an easy-to-use menu control system for the whole home that can be used remotely. CygNet Pro is adaptable to individual requirements with control over 15 electrical, mechanical and environmental systems in the home.

CygNet Pro allows you to minimise energy usage, while also offering you convenience, such as switching on the hot water shortly before you return home.



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How the CygNet Pro works

All devices in the Cygnus home can be controlled wirelessly via three options – voice control, remote monitoring or via our app on smartphone or tablet.

The CygNet Pro then sends a remote signal to the device of your choosing.

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Low energy consumption

The overall design and manufacture of the Cygnus home, coupled with the CygNet Pro, helps to significantly reduce energy costs compared to a standard dwelling. Expect to pay as little as £250 a year to heat a two-bed home with four occupants.